Sunday, July 1, 2012

Does Low calorie diet work?

Low calorie diet is one of the popular diet plans. This plan is a diet with eating only 800~1000 calories per day. When the average person needs 2000 calories a day, low calorie diet make you eat only half of calories. Theoretically or practically, low calorie diet helps reduce weight, but is it really helps your diet?

When you eat much less food than you normally eat, your body will turn into ‘starvation mode’. When the calorie you take is less than the calorie you consume, your metabolic rate will slow down. Then, your body will keep body fat - even protect the fat. Your body fat is going to be stored as energy for last.
But there is another problem. When your body stored the fat, the body will break down muscle for energy. In other words, muscle which helps metabolism and burns body fat will smaller. And basal metabolic rate (BMR) will decline significantly.
Also, low calorie diet keeps adding up cellulite. When it happens, your body couldn’t control hormone, so toxin will built up within the body. As a result, your immune system will weaken, and the body condition will drop tremendously from stress for eating low calorie.
Even your appetite will increase if you keep dieting with low calories.  And you might have yo-yo effect. It means your weight will gain back and gain more for future starvation.  
After all, low calorie diet has lots of negative effects.
It’s better to know what kind of food you should eat or avoid and how much you should have than just not eating. Eat nutritious food and do exercise that increase metabolic rate. And let’s do healthy diet!

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